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Getting tired of the outdated, cramped space in your kitchen? We can tear down your existing kitchen and redesign it from the ground up. Our team can move walls to give you more space, repaint cabinets, add new countertops, and install backsplashes, all to your liking. 


Your old, outdated bathroom with the leaky faucet is no more. We can sit down with you and discuss which tiles, appliances, lighting, and other features you’d like to upgrade. Our remodelers will work quickly to install and update everything you want, transforming your space into something brand-new.


People often leave their basements as a second thought. Rethink your basement as a family room, game room, or workshop with Prunick Building Services. We can talk through your lighting, appliances, window additions, and more. Your basement remodeling projects are fast and easy with us.

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